Twitter digest 2017 week 07

PyBites, Sat 18 February 2017, Digest

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Tiny Python 3.6 notebook -

— Pybites (@pybites) February 18, 2017

RT @PythonWeekly: Using functional programming in Python like a boss: Generators, Iterators and Decorators #python

— Pybites (@pybites) February 17, 2017

RT @dabeaz: Well, work has recently started...

— Pybites (@pybites) February 17, 2017

RT @PythonWeekly: Python Weekly - Issue 282 #python #django #keras #opencv #pyflame #tensorflow #spark #jupyter #ip…

— Pybites (@pybites) February 16, 2017

RT @mkennedy: “Oh no! This package is Python 2 only” by @anthonypjshaw

— Pybites (@pybites) February 16, 2017

The definitive guide on how to use static, class or abstract methods in #Python

— Pybites (@pybites) February 16, 2017

Guido's King's Day Speech - wonderful talk: #python

— Pybites (@pybites) February 16, 2017

#99 Morepath: Super Powered Python Web Framework #python

— Pybites (@pybites) February 16, 2017

nice one, had not used print like this before

— Pybites (@pybites) February 16, 2017

RT @python_tip: >>> d = collections.deque(range(10)) >>> d.rotate(2) >>> print(d) ​ deque([8, 9, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7]) #python

— Pybites (@pybites) February 16, 2017

RT @ramalhoorg: Legit is a complementary command-line interface for Git, optimized for workflow simplicity. By @kennethreitz.…

— Pybites (@pybites) February 15, 2017

#13 Python making the move to GitHub and Dropbox is stepping back from Pyston #python

— Pybites (@pybites) February 15, 2017

Writing Clean Python With Namedtuples #python

— Pybites (@pybites) February 14, 2017

RT @dbader_org: "Problem Solving with Algorithms and Data Structures using Python"

— Pybites (@pybites) February 13, 2017

Brett Slatkin - Refactoring Python: Why and how to restructure your code... - great talk

— Pybites (@pybites) February 11, 2017

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