RT @DataSciFact: Python plotting for exploratory analysis https://t.co/kRlFNQKTNK https://t.co/42LEk3cevR

— Scientific Python (@SciPyTip) June 22, 2017

Introduction to the Peewee #Python object-relational mapper (ORM) https://t.co/UDpClFnhLh

— Full Stack Python (@fullstackpython) June 24, 2017

It is ridiculously easy to generate any audio signal using Python – https://t.co/JEEgjW4ES3

— Pycoders Weekly (@pycoders) June 24, 2017


RT @dbader_org: 📰🐍 Make your classes more Pythonic with this tutorial on dunder methods https://t.co/mpxvq58ZMn by @bbelderbos

— Bob Belderbos (@bbelderbos) June 22, 2017

Published a guest post: Yelp Reviews: Authorship Attribution with Python and scikit-learn https://t.co/pPAiWCrdJ1 https://t.co/mlTNKlEGcL

— Michael Kennedy (@mkennedy) June 21, 2017

RT @dbader_org: socketserver: A module in Python's std lib that makes writing socket-based network servers easier: https://t.co/s3gLrBS2PX

— RealPython.com (@RealPython) June 24, 2017

Django vs Flask, a practitioner's perspective https://t.co/SXrWB4XWph

— Full Stack Python (@fullstackpython) June 22, 2017

Python variables got you confused? 1) assignment never copies. 2) lots of things are assignments. Full details: https://t.co/Ayxi0TRfFg

— Ned Batchelder (@nedbat) June 21, 2017

Build an IoT Grow-box on a budget for the holidays with your @Raspberry_Pi and Python. https://t.co/gRWtDDOVGB https://t.co/3NEk5oxvIE

— Alex Ellis (@alexellisuk) June 24, 2017

RT @mikeloukides: Using static type checking in Python 3.6 to find bugs before they find you: https://t.co/RUZphqa1jS

— matt harrison (@__mharrison__) June 23, 2017

New location for the Python dev guide! https://t.co/Mzxi0DM6tx Thanks @brettsky and the PSF infrastructure team.

— Guido van Rossum (@gvanrossum) June 22, 2017

RT @plotlygraphs: 🌟 Announcement 🌟 Today we’re launching Dash: Create Reactive Web Apps in pure Python https://t.co/CnRiQFSwcJ https://t.c…

— Michael Herman (@MikeHerman) June 22, 2017

RT @adnan_hashmi: GitHub Repo: Introduction to Geo-spatial Data with #Python https://t.co/8dNfS1UGAl #DataScience #MachineLearning https://…

— Rob. PY (@py_coding) June 22, 2017

Solid 🎯 - A comprehensive gradient-free optimization framework written in Python https://t.co/DXXaxFP8X1

— Python LibHunt (@PythonLibHunt) June 25, 2017

RT @KirkDBorne: 🌟AWESOME🌟 Essential Cheat Sheets for #MachineLearning and #DeepLearning: https://t.co/fA1Dqx8mQC #BigData #DataScience by @…

— Karlijn Willems (@willems_karlijn) June 23, 2017

How freaking awesome is this?!

Want to take Pokémon to the next level? Create your own app like this student did on Code Studio! https://t.co/mUxtBuZnnD

— Code.org (@codeorg) June 24, 2017

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