Twitter digest 2017 week 27

PyBites, Sun 09 July 2017, Digest

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I don’t think I could start this digest with any other tweet!

#100daysofcode + 200 Days of PyBites! We recap the challenge, 10 stand out scripts and our next project here #Python

— Pybites (@pybites) July 07, 2017

RT @GKLauraF: Saw this interesting project featured in @PythonWeekly #github #RaspberryPi

— Python Weekly (@PythonWeekly) July 06, 2017

Update: Animated version of previous tweet to show steps sequentially.

— Scientific Python (@SciPyTip) July 08, 2017

scikit-plot: An #Python library to add plotting functionality to scikit-learn objects. #dataviz…

— Randy Olson (@randal_olson) July 07, 2017

RT @fullstackpython: How to set up Python 3, Flask and Green Unicorn on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

— (@RealPython) July 08, 2017

A very simple Lisp interpreter in 250 lines of Python. Cool exercise & well documented!

— Dan Bader (@dbader_org) July 08, 2017

100 days of algorithms - the challenge is over.

— Python Hub (@PythonHub) July 08, 2017

Five Tips To Get You Started With Jupyter ... #jupyter #visualization

— import python 🐍 (@importpython) July 06, 2017

Take ten minutes to improve your #python and math skills. Get schooled by Mark Dickinson.

— Raymond Hettinger (@raymondh) July 02, 2017

Fourth Beta of "Python Testing with pytest" now available.

— Brian Okken (@brianokken) July 06, 2017

How to use Python & Flask to upload files to AWS S3

— Full Stack Python (@fullstackpython) July 08, 2017

RT @APIguy: If you're not already using #pipenv in your #python workflow...start right now. Thanks @kennethreitz

— Kenneth Reitz 🐍 (@kennethreitz) July 05, 2017

404 link detector with scrapy

— import python 🐍 (@importpython) July 06, 2017

Create XKCD-like plots with #matplotlib: #python

— Daily Python Tip (@python_tip) July 06, 2017

RT @ankurb: I've been trying to get all Python devs on our team to laugh at this: What do you call a folder of unrelated Django code? Djan…

— (@RealPython) July 08, 2017

RT @vboykis: Disciplining a child: 1950s: Spanking 1970s: Go to your room 1990s: Timeout 2010s:

— Vincent Driessen (@nvie) July 05, 2017

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