Here we go: Two Scoops of Django 1.11 is now available in Kindle and ePub formats This took a lot of time. Whew.

— Daniel Roy Greenfeld (@pydanny) October 12, 2017

Introducing @RBrainInc: A New #DataScience Platform with #rstats #Python #SQL #Jupyter #Docker…

— KDnuggets (@kdnuggets) October 11, 2017

v1 of "Microservices with Docker, Flask, and React" is done! Check it out at #python…

— (@RealPython) October 12, 2017

Spotify’s Discover Weekly: How #machinelearning finds your new music

— KDnuggets (@kdnuggets) October 12, 2017

10 Great Tips to Learn Docker via @ami #tech

— Hacker Noon (@hackernoon) October 11, 2017

New blog post: Implementing User Comments with SQLAlchemy

— Miguel Grinberg (@miguelgrinberg) October 10, 2017

Python decorators they won't tell you about

— Full Stack Python (@fullstackpython) October 14, 2017

Make a slideshow from your #Jupyter Notebook:

— Daily Python Tip (@python_tip) October 13, 2017

40 Python Data Visualizations (plots, graphs, charts) with code

— /r/Python Popular (@RedditPython) October 14, 2017

Ramp looks like an amazing platform for machine learning competitions. Great work by @balazskegl @agramfort et al

— Andreas Mueller (@amuellerml) October 10, 2017

RT @anthonypjshaw: I just published “In the future, all information you disclose will become public”

— Anthony Shaw (@anthonypjshaw) October 09, 2017

K-Means Clustering in Python #algorithm #k-means #python #clustering

— import python 🐍 (@importpython) October 13, 2017

Reasons why Kubernetes is cool

— Full Stack Python (@fullstackpython) October 14, 2017

qutebrowser - A keyboard-driven, vim-like browser based on PyQt5.

— Python Trending (@pythontrending) October 13, 2017

A list of GUI frameworks for Python

— Dan Bader (@dbader_org) October 14, 2017

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