This guide on home surveillance and motion detection with #Python, OpenCV, and the @Raspberry_Pi is one of my top-1…

— Adrian Rosebrock (@PyImageSearch) November 14, 2017

We've just launched the @TensorFlow Speech Recognition Challenge on Kaggle! $25,000 in prizes, including a special…

— TensorFlow (@TensorFlow) November 15, 2017

#TrainerTip : #Cython makes it easy to access C’s fast looping architecture from within #Python #C

— Enthought Inc. (@enthought) November 15, 2017

"A good programmer is someone who always looks both ways before crossing a one-way street." - Doug Linder

— Programming Wisdom (@CodeWisdom) November 16, 2017

Thanks @hackernoon for publishing the third part of my journey with @buxfer, #Docker, #GoLang, #Python and #MongoDB…

— Vincenzo Ferrari (@__wilky__) November 16, 2017

PyDev of the Week: Bert JW Regeer - @PylonsProject #python #pyramid

— Mike Driscoll (@driscollis) November 13, 2017

Read @scott_lowe's latest article - How to Tag #Docker Images with Git Commit Information:

— Docker (@Docker) November 18, 2017

RT @hainm_comp: Finally #nglview has a showcase in @ProjectJupyter website

— Project Jupyter (@ProjectJupyter) November 16, 2017

Today I added a #binder badge to the Python Data Science Handbook. Executable book in one click!…

— Jake VanderPlas (@jakevdp) November 13, 2017

Properties such as \p{Alphabetic} can be easier to read than [A-Za-z]. Works better with internationalization as well.

— Regular Expression (@RegexTip) November 14, 2017

If you have a safari books subscription, you can now read the early release of Flask Web Development, 2nd edition.…

— Miguel Grinberg (@miguelgrinberg) November 14, 2017

How to Build Simple Chat Apps with JavaScript, Node.js and Twilio via @p_mbanugo

— twilio (@twilio) November 17, 2017

RT @dataandme: .@StephdeSilva's tips for getting to know your data also make for pretty good relationship advice... 🤓💔😂…

— Karlijn Willems (@willems_karlijn) November 19, 2017

RT @hainm_comp: Finally #nglview has a showcase in @ProjectJupyter website

— Project Jupyter (@ProjectJupyter) November 16, 2017

RT @vorpalsmith: Starting in January 2019, new NumPy releases will be Python 3 only. If you need a bit more time to transition, we'll also…

— Project Jupyter (@ProjectJupyter) November 15, 2017

Monitoring Cryptocurrenc...

— import python 🐍 (@importpython) November 19, 2017

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