Our New Course #100DaysofCode in Python is now live!!

Python is increasingly becoming a super skill these days. One of the best ways to learn is to tackle the… https://t.co/CtjJAcwIez

— Pybites (@pybites) March 21, 2018

And here's an example of why you need to take it!

Python is the most wanted, and third-most loved, programming language: https://t.co/YdXrlMPFV1

— Ned Batchelder (@nedbat) March 13, 2018

Want to hear @KaiChang_Kevin read feedback from our Twitter giveaway winners? Listen to @PythonOutLoud Episode 1 Po… https://t.co/4av7uZdbwq

— Python Out Loud! (@PythonOutLoud) March 11, 2018

RT @lisacrost: It's time for a new "What to consider" article! After pie charts, area charts, line charts and stacked column charts, I wrot…

— R+Py Graph Galleries (@R_Graph_Gallery) March 22, 2018

Check this detailed intro to #speechrecognition using #Python, get coding, that code is not going to write itself https://t.co/83IjijUqAI

— diek (@diek007) March 21, 2018

How to build a barcode reader with #Python and OpenMV: https://t.co/839mrsyyKx CC: @openmvcam #ComputerVision… https://t.co/GcSpLwxhGk

— Adrian Rosebrock (@PyImageSearch) March 19, 2018

How to use multiple versions of Python in your Windows environment https://t.co/ywoFr1h2FP

— Dan Bader (@dbader_org) March 23, 2018

Distributed Testing with Selenium Grid and Docker >> https://t.co/NYEel48rcr #Selenium #Docker #Python https://t.co/g8WrQVL5Qd

— TestDriven.io (@testdrivenio) March 19, 2018

This article is a continuation of the previous one dedicated to the speeches of a core Python developer - Mr. Raymo… https://t.co/jCTcxeF9P7

— CheckiO (@PlayCheckiO) March 22, 2018

"Learning to code is the single best thing anyone can do to get the most out of the amazing future in front of us." - Marc Andreessen

— Programming Wisdom (@CodeWisdom) March 23, 2018

Thanks to everyone who attended my Flask live stream today. You can watch the recording now:… https://t.co/i5GhextrvK

— Miguel Grinberg (@miguelgrinberg) March 24, 2018

RT @pjasimoes: My Python script to run scattering animations is now available on github https://t.co/nJKBAApT75 Note: not a simulation code…

— Jake VanderPlas (@jakevdp) March 19, 2018

vi and vim's engine uses \+ and \= in place of the more common + and ?.

— Regular Expression (@RegexTip) March 19, 2018

https://t.co/iNwQEsAsGt - Simple, lightweight, and magic-free static site/blog generator for Python coders (< 120 l… https://t.co/8GtLsWKHam

— Python LibHunt (@PythonLibHunt) March 24, 2018

RT @jennifershehane: The most comprehensive guide I've ever read on testing. I'd recommend @Cypress_io for e2e obv, but grab a ☕️, take a b…

— Michael Herman (@MikeHerman) March 23, 2018

Ridgeline plots are an alternative to violin plots. Make them easily with joypy. https://t.co/1LLEs2aimr #python… https://t.co/z6vsDfc633

— Daily Python Tip (@python_tip) March 19, 2018

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