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This #100DaysOfCode video course by @TalkPython seems to be quite nicely made, there is even video appendix from ma… https://t.co/KYFDt61rDf

— Harri Väyrynen (@HarriVayrynen) March 30, 2018

RT @StackAbuse: Single Page Apps with Vue.js and Flask: JWT Authentication https://t.co/DuQ7i0G8hu by @adamjmcquistan #python #flask #vuejs

— TestDriven.io (@testdrivenio) March 30, 2018

RT @dbader_org: Let’s hack the world’s most popular Wordpress CAPTCHA Plug-in with machine learning in Python https://t.co/840zSRpew0 by @a…

— Adrian Rosebrock (@PyImageSearch) March 29, 2018

RT @random_forests: We're beginning to update tutorials on https://t.co/BsLdHtNezs to link directly to Colab notebooks. Read about a concep…

— TensorFlow (@TensorFlow) March 30, 2018

"The only way to learn a new programming language is by writing programs in it." - Dennis Ritchie

— Programming Wisdom (@CodeWisdom) March 30, 2018

Github pro tip: use "python-traceback" mode to syntax-highlight Python tracebacks. No more ugly red lines! https://t.co/juOxc3MrYu

— Jake VanderPlas (@jakevdp) March 26, 2018

A Pelican Tutorial: Static, Python-Powered Blog with Search & Comments https://t.co/PpM9t41Esj by @snipcart

— Python LibHunt (@PythonLibHunt) March 31, 2018

Is #Python interpreted, or compiled? Yes. https://t.co/vKaACNJBNw

— Ned Batchelder (@nedbat) March 29, 2018

RT @ericmjl: I just released pyjanitor, a light wrapper around pandas to provide easy data cleaning. Highly inspired by the Janitor #rstats…

— matt harrison (@__mharrison__) March 29, 2018

You may know that >>> import this prints the Zen of Python. But have you ever looked into its… https://t.co/6p74XcByOv

— Daily Python Tip (@python_tip) March 28, 2018

How to rewrite your SQL queries... https://t.co/FR3jKs1I4Z #pandas #csv #data #sql

— import python 🐍 (@importpython) March 30, 2018

Looking back at 10 years of compartmentalization at AWS https://t.co/dAf1kfFOJG https://t.co/PGMGdVmshH

— Full Stack Python (@fullstackpython) March 30, 2018

A great list of Flask resources https://t.co/inuByn9IhK by @fullstackpython

— Dan Bader (@dbader_org) March 29, 2018

patsy is a Python library for describing statistical models, largely compatible with R formulas. https://t.co/peHlVI1SM0

— Scientific Python (@SciPyTip) March 26, 2018

Not coding related but this looks GREAT!

RT @Sheril_: I'm so excited to finally share the trailer for Serving Up Science! I'll be hosting a new series all about #food, where it com…

— Randy Olson (@randal_olson) March 31, 2018

>>> from pybites import Bob, Julian

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