PyBites Twitter Digest - Issue 18, 2018

PyBites, Sun 03 June 2018, Digest

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We love the idea of teaching kids code! This makes our day!

Sat down wth my 2 daughters to code the @adafruit Gemma from #pycon2018 to go red when it’s warm and lilac when it’…

— Anthony Shaw (@anthonypjshaw) June 03, 2018

Very cool if you use Python for video editing:

RT @ASpannbauer: I'm still excited & tweeting about the release of the vidstab library to pypi (now with a logo!) If you want to stabilize…

— Adrian Rosebrock (@PyImageSearch) May 29, 2018

Something to consistently strive toward:

RT @CodeWisdom: "It turns out that style matters in programming for the same reason that it matters in writing. It makes for better reading…

— Programming Wisdom (@CodeWisdom) May 31, 2018

Useful Regex Tip:

Character classes are characters listed inside square brackets. For example, [aeiou] is a character class that matches any vowel.

— Regular Expression (@RegexTip) May 30, 2018

Cool little script to record gratitudes. What a great little project!

I made a little Python project to track and remember gratitudes. Open to anyone playing, contributing, using for th…

— Melanie Crutchfield (@HelloMelanieC) May 29, 2018

Python bug tracking and GitHub issues:

"Why not use GitHub issues?", I said. To Python core developers. At Python Language Summit 2018. 😳 😱

— Mariatta 🤦 (@mariatta) June 02, 2018

We love data viz!

‘Russian Fake Tweets Visualized

— Python LibHunt (@PythonLibHunt) June 02, 2018

Mmm Pandas:

RT @twiecki: #Pandas tip: Make jaws drop with

— matt harrison (@__mharrison__) May 29, 2018

Speed up your Python:

6+1 #pythontips to Speed-up Your Calculations (by @jakevdp #PyCon2018): • Line profiling • NumPy vectorization • Sp…

— Daily Python Tip (@python_tip) May 31, 2018

An in depth and awesome deep dive into itertools:

RT @realpython: 🐍📰 Master Python's "itertools" module by constructing practical examples in our latest in-depth tutorial:…

— Dan Bader (@dbader_org) May 30, 2018

Don't forget to fill out the survey if you haven't already done so!

Hello #pycon2018 Pythonistas! Don't forget to fill out our attendee survey. We read EVERY response and strive to im…

— PyCon (@pycon) May 23, 2018

Nice tutorial on adding Maps to a Django Web App:

New Full Stack Python tutorial is up! How to Add Maps to Django Web App Projects with @Mapbox…

— Full Stack Python (@fullstackpython) May 29, 2018

Nice little read on applying for data science jobs:

RT @robinson_es: New blog post 🎉! A collection of advice and resources for folks applying to data science jobs, starting from preparing you…

— David Robinson (@drob) May 29, 2018

Great talk from PyCon!

RT @treyhunner: Newer to programming and finding lots of resources that are either too beginner or too advanced for you? Watch @mssjpackma…

— Jason Wattier (@jmwatt3) May 29, 2018

The first course of its kind! New features of Python 3.7:

🎉 My new @Pluralsight course “What’s new in Python 3.7” is live! Learn about data classes, type annotations and all…

— Anthony Shaw (@anthonypjshaw) June 02, 2018

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