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PyBites Twitter Digest - Issue 22, 2018

Posted by PyBites on Sun 08 July 2018 in Digest • 2 min read

Some of our amazing PyBites Pythonistas completed their #100DaysofCode in Python Challenge!

That champion Anthony Shaw is back at it on the latest Talk Python episode, talking security this time!

It's stories like these that make everything we do worthwhile. Great work Rob!

Thanks to the PSF for all that they do!

Zip Fun!

Nice regex tip

Python 3.8 talk already!

Calculate the distance between GPS points with Python

What an amazing app! Can't wait to give it a try

Encoding in Python wonderfully explained

6 useful Python packages

Incredible effort! Super Mario themed stuff also instantly wins

Multiline Strings

>>> from pybites import Bob, Julian

Keep Calm and Code in Python!

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