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PyBites Twitter Digest - Issue 27, 2018

Posted by PyBites on Sun 19 August 2018 in Digest • 2 min read

One more day for PSF Fellowship Nominations! Get them in ASAP!

Decorator library to configure function arguments

Submitted by @clamytoe.

Mockaroo! Who knew? Create your own data to use in Sketch!

Submitted by @bohemianjack.

Very cool use case of OpenCV

Nice to see Netflix doing stuff like this

Deep Learning basics by Sentdex!

This is a great security step. Nice going PyPI!

This is why the UX is so important.

Altair version 2.2 released

Django v Wordpress

How to use Bootstrap 4 forms in Django

PyConAU is all sold out! Who's going next week?

Python text-to-speech!

Nice! A web UI for pdb!

>>> from pybites import Bob, Julian

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