PyBites Twitter Digest - Issue 32, 2018

PyBites, Sun 14 October 2018, Digest

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Kenneth Reitz's latest project, a new Python Web Framework - "Responder"!

I'm very happy to announce the release of my heavy first iteration of my new web framework, "Responder":…

— Kenneth ☤ Reitz (@kennethreitz) October 12, 2018

30 Amazing Python Projects of 2018 covered on the latest Talk Python Episode

Just published @talkpython episode 181 -- Thirty amazing Python projects of 2018 with @brianokken. Have a listen at

— Talk Python Podcast (@TalkPython) October 12, 2018

Visually trace the execution of your Python programs with LivePython

Submitted by @code-monk08

Cool! Visually trace the execution of your #Python programs with #LivePython -

— Pybites (@pybites) October 14, 2018

Our very own Rob details his project for moving from Evernote to ZimWiki

New project: From Evernote to ZimWiki by way of Python: #python @pybites @jmwatt3

— Rob Fowler (@BlueGator4) October 12, 2018

Great reminder on .format()

Submitted by @dgjustice

Reminder: don’t use #python’s .format() on untrusted format strings:

— Ned Batchelder (@nedbat) October 11, 2018

Python everywhere! Very cool

This year’s Nobel Prize in economics was awarded to a Python convert. May be a good story to tell about python in n…

— skpl (@snlkapil) October 09, 2018

Reminder: our challenges count toward Hacktoberfest!

❌ Halloween 🎃 ✅ #Hacktoberfest2018 👨🏽‍💻 With #Thanksgiving2018 here in Canada, I'm thankful for open source and ho…

— Sean (@SeanPrashad) October 08, 2018

Install Tensorflow using Conda

Submitted by @clamytoe

Here are two pretty big reasons why you should install #Tensorflow using #conda instead of pip >>…

— TensorFlow Beat (@TensorBeat) October 10, 2018

2018 DevOps RoadMap. Bookmark this one!

Submitted by @Erik

The 2018 DevOps RoadMap by @javinpaul at @hackernoon. An illustrated guide to becoming a DevOps Engineer with links…

— ITNEXT (@ITNEXT_io) October 10, 2018

The Python Mock Cookbook

Submitted by @clamytoe

[Python Tip] "You always need to mock the thing where it’s imported TO, not where it’s imported FROM." from "Python…

— Paolo Melchiorre (@pauloxnet) October 10, 2018

Link tests with the function it's testing with!

Submitted by @dgjustice

Link tests with the function it tests... "Who tests what is here: 5.0a3" Who Tests What ann…

— Python People (@pythonpeople) October 08, 2018

Exercises for Pandas!

Submitted by @clamytoe

Pandas by Solutions and Examples

— /r/Python Popular (@RedditPython) October 08, 2018

Write Better Functions with Jeff Knupp

Write Better #Python Functions: New blog post that outlines the characteristics of "good" functions in #Python

— Jeff Knupp (@jeffknupp) October 11, 2018

functools reduce in action

#pythontip from @singhjayp: reduce(f, seq, initializer) returns a single value constructed by calling 'f' on the f…

— Daily Python Tip (@python_tip) October 11, 2018

Python Data Science Cheatsheet!

Python For Data Science Cheat Sheet - Importing Data

— Python LibHunt (@PythonLibHunt) October 12, 2018

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