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PyBites Twitter Digest - Issue 34, 2018

Posted by PyBites on Sun 28 October 2018 in Digest • 2 min read

Python 3.6.7 and 3.7.1 have been released!

Read about how Erik from our PyBites Community started his own North Austin Python Meetup

The next step in virtual AI assistants! Some super realistic graphics phew!

Python Text classification with Keras

Responder v1.1.0 released

PyQt5 Tutorial

Consider sponsoring the PSF! Python wouldn't be where it is today if not for them!

A custom, small library for creating Word Clouds within Jupyter notebook

Test and Code Podcast Episode 50!

Comparing Regex in Perl, Python and Emacs

A guide on the Python secrets module!

A run in with Python Warnings

A good reminder on scopes!

Getting things done in Trello with Python, Flask and Twilio SMS

>>> from pybites import Bob, Julian

Keep Calm and Code in Python!

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