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PyBites Twitter Digest - Issue 35, 2018

Posted by PyBites on Sun 04 November 2018 in Digest • 2 min read

Mike Kennedy interviewed by Real Python!

A great guide on some more advanced features of Git

Submitted by @Erik

Digital Ocean Developer Trends in the Cloud

Submitted by @dgjustice

How to make a Roguelike (cool!!)

Submitted by @Erik

Set up Python for Machine Learning on Windows

Tutorial on JSON Data in Python

And another Datacamp tutorial: Linear Regression in Python #HourOfCode is here!

You can now prioritise your notifications in Github!

Python for Earth Scientists

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Super Potato Bruh: A game developed in Python with PyGame with a website created using Flask!

Visual Studio Code extension: Neuron

An introduction to Unix

Interesting write up on teaching with Comics

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Keep Calm and Code in Python!

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