We Create Well-Rounded Python Developers

Welcome to PyBites

Thanks for stopping by. If you love coding, Python and self improvement, you have come to the right place.

We started out in the IT business 15 years ago and over the years we discovered how we could leverage code and soft skills to boost our careers.

End of 2016 we started a Python blog to share our learning. Over the years we've grown a vibrant community of Pythonistas, survived multiple 100 Days of Code challenges, built out our coding platform with 300+ Bite exercises, and started coaching aspiring developers 1:1.

Our Mission

Simple and plain: we are passionate and committed to creating well-rounded Python developers, be it through our courses, exercises or mentoring clients individually.

What sets us apart is our practical approach, real-world experience in our materials, and the focus on leadership skills that are crucial to gaining optimal performance in your career.

I recently interviewed for this Data Engineer position. I was able to answer questions during their technical phone screening that I otherwise wouldn’t have known because I kept up with the bites. I ended up getting an offer and I start next Monday! - Marin M.

Why Python

We started using a combination of C++, Java, PHP and Perl. Each language has its own strengths, but once we met Python we never looked back. Nor was there a need to.

Currently Python is used everywhere: data science, web development, devops, you name it Python is clearly here to stay:

Python is taking over graph

About Us

Meet Bob:

meet Bob

Bob studied business economics, but got fired up about programming early in his career.

He taught himself web design / coding and started living his biggest passion: automate the boring stuff, making other people's lives easier.

Since then he has coded projects accruing millions in cost savings and built a coding platform that has taught Python to thousands of people worldwide.

He deeply cares about helping other people succeed. His biggest win will be your next win!

... and Julian:

meet Julian

With a background in Servers, Data Centers and Communications at 3 of the largest companies on the planet, Julian made the challenging switch to a Python software developer role in 2019.

After learning Python teaching it on PyBites with best friend Bob, Julian has made it his mission to spread not only his love of Python but also his expertise in communication and mindset.

His infectious enthusiasm, motivation and ability to energise those around him greatly assist him in his role of mentoring aspiring Python developers keen on growing their careers.

You can hear Julian in action here.