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Code Challenge 20 - Object Oriented Programming Fun - Review

Posted by PyBites on Mon 29 May 2017 in Challenges • 2 min read

It's review time again. Wow: challenge #20 already! We can't believe we have worked through so many already. We also keep receiving amazing PRs, awesome!


This was a great challenge. We got to play with OOP and learned a couple of things.

  • Julian: exploring inheritance using the character class system in the World of Warcraft, see here.

  • Bob: a book/video task planner that sends a weekly SMS (Twilio API) with material to consume, see here.

  • 100DaysOfCode: simple Karma app using inheritance and playing with dunder methods, see here.

  • Dante: Rooms framework (including unittests, nice!), Readme:

Rooms is a humble and simple Framework to create adventure games with Python. A player has an inventory and moves between Rooms, interacting with Actors.

    $ python rooms.py

    This normal looking room has a weird guy standing against the wall


    Here I see a weird guy that I don't know. he looks friendly..

    1) Talk to the friendly weird guy I don't know
    2) Inventory

    3) A place with a strange aura

    Choose your action / exit: 1

    Take this botato, use is wisely!

    Received 1 Holy Botato!


Everytime a PR comes in we cheer with joy, humbled by the fact we see you are stretching yourself by taking our challenges. Keep up the good work, the stuff you are building is amazing!

Remember there is no deadline, you can PR your code anytime. Just remember to isolate (branch) your changes and submit against our Community branch (as per instructions).

Come code with us forking our challenges repo. Have fun!

Keep Calm and Code in Python!

-- Bob and Julian

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