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Code Challenge 35 - Improve Your Python Code With BetterCodeHub

Posted by PyBites on Tue 05 September 2017 in Challenge • 2 min read

Life is about facing new challenges - Kostya Tszyu

Hi Pythonistas, a new week, a new 'bite' of Python programming! Last week we wrote an article on improving the quality of your code with Better Code Hub. This week we let you refactor a Python project.

You can even win awards thanks to SIG who is sponsoring this challenge!

The Challenge

Update: initially we had you pick and improve one of your repos or forks. SIG provided us with a more interesting approach though: SpringCleaning which template we adopted for this challenge. Check out the instructions below. We will use label PyBitesChallenge35 and only accept Python related projects.

As a maintainer

  • (If not already done) Enable issues in the repository’s settings page on GitHub.
  • Create a 'PyBitesChallenge35' - label Here’s how.
  • Create issues based on the proposed prioritized refactoring candidates from Better Code Hub and attach the PyBitesChallenge35 label to them. Here is an example:

    add the PyBitesChallenge35 label to your GitHub issue

  • To enable Better Code Hub to run on every Push and Pull Request, click the ⚙   icon and toggle the "Push & Pull request analysis" switch. This will activate the webhook.

As a contributor

Want to see a sample Better Code Hub report?

  • Head over to bettercodehub.com and login with your GitHub account. You'll then see your repos, and you can start an analysis clicking the ▶️   button. It will analyze the default branch. Or checkout our article.

What’s the reward for participation?

If you participate in this initiative you get rewarded with:

  • The first 25 contributors that get one Pybites Code Challenge Pull Request accepted will get a free month of Better Code Hub PRO.

  • The first 10 contributors that get two Pybites Code Challenge Pull Requests accepted will get a hard copy of Building Maintainable Software (O’Reilly).

  • If you’re a maintainer, you get a cleaner code base and new contributors to extend your repository. 😊



If you have ideas for a future challenge or find any issues, open a GH Issue or reach out directly.

Our goal is to learn more Python which is way cooler as a community. Good luck and have fun!

Keep Calm and Code in Python!

-- Bob, Julian and the folks @ SIG

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