First Steps Learning Django: PyPlanet Article Sharer App

Bob, Mon 17 July 2017, Django

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In this post I share my first steps exploring Django. I created PyPlanet Article Sharer Django App to make it easier for us to share new Planet Python feed articles. It loads in new articles and generates tweet links. It lets us mark each entry as Shared or Skipped. I am sure this will facilitate our Twitter activity and News Digests. This is our first project of our 100 days of Django and our very first Django app overall!

The app



Click on an article and click "Mark Skipped":


Redirects back to index and shows (CSS) article marked as skipped:


Another article:


Tweet it and mark it complete (still 2 steps):


Index now shows a skipped and a shared article:


Try it yourself

I made a README with instructions to run this project yourself.

As stated in the README some things still need to be done:



We will probably write a dedicated resources post when we get further into our 100 Days of Django.


Comments, questions, ideas are welcome. Use the comments below or reach out via Twitter or email.

Keep Calm and Code in Python!

-- Bob