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Robin B - Becoming a succesful Python developer / data scientist at an Energy Startup

meet Robin

The PyBites Developer Mindset Program has given me confidence and clarity in direction and allowed me to make life changing decisions regarding my career.

Julian and Bob helped me see that I was underappreciated in my job and was wasting my time there.

In a relatively short period of time I gained the Python and leadership skills, self-awareness and confidence I needed to become a successful Python developer / data scientist in an Energy Startup.

Alex K - Coded his dream project, improved Python and boosted confidence

meet Alex

I had reached a point where I did not want to continue coding. I was faced with a choice: stay on the same level and go slow or get started on the bigger projects I always wanted to build.

I decided to do something bigger, but I did not know how to carry out the large parts of that project technically.

The PyBites Developer Mindset Program helped me push my experience to collaborate, choose the right custom framework and formulate my project drafts using real software design principles.

Julian and Bob not only guided me on what I needed to know but, as an unexpected bonus, taught me the skills and mindset I needed to be confident in myself and my coding ability.

The improvements to my Python and newfound self-confidence made in just a few weeks would have undoubtedly taken me 10 years to achieve without the coaching in this program.

Ben M - Accelerate your progress and confidence