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Bob, Mon 25 September 2017, Books

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Review of Brian Okken's new pytest book.

Nice, a book about pytest

Writing reliable software requires testing and pytest is a great aid in being more productive at it.

Brian did a great job exploring this awesome framework. Getting started was easy, yet I was amazed at all the powerful features the framework has to offer like fixtures, a robust plugin system and a large amount of configuration options.

Let's do some Q & A ...

What you might be wondering

pytest book cover

Get it from The Pragmatic Bookshelf or Amazon.


This is a book you want to own. Testing is important and using pytest you're doing yourself a favor.

The book is concise and can be read in 2 evenings. I have to yet fully explore pytest's docs but this book is a great teaching resource, using a simple / practical CRUD/DB app to teach pytest.

The book offers a nice digest of more advanced pytest features and the config/plugins/testing tools sections makes for an optimal use of the framework. Recommended.

But as with all books, mastering comes with practice. Stay tuned for next week's code challenge #38 where we will let you experiment more with pytest ...

Keep Calm and Code in Python!

-- Bob

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