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100 Days of PyBites, 100 Days of Code

Posted by PyBites on Wed 29 March 2017 in Special • 2 min read

PyBites is 100 days old! It feels like just yesterday we submitted our first post for the world to see (pretty bland amirite?!). Good times!

Let’s Celebrate with some Code!

To celebrate, we’re going to take on the 100 Days of Code Challenge!

We’re pretty sure we already do the bare minimum for this challenge though. Coding and learning daily right? (That’s what PyBites is all about!)

As such, we’re going to put a PyBites spin on the challenge. Not only are we going to code daily but we’re going to actually write a small script daily!

A Big Ask!

This is a pretty big ask given we have day jobs, families and the PyBites update schedule. That’s why the task will be split between the two of us.

We’ve created a Github Repo to track our 100 days of code. Feel free to check it out starting tomorrow.

What kind of scripts?

The scripts will be wide ranging but will fall into the following categories:

  • Scripts that scratch our own itch
  • Automating the boring stuff (Inspired to do so by the book)
  • System Administration
  • Web Scraping / APIs
  • New Modules
  • File Manipulation
  • Data Analysis
  • Your ideas!

Complexity wise, it’s all about the solution. Some will be as simple as a Fibonacci sequence generator or a simple recursion function to search a file tree.

The point is to get coding to hone our Python skills. We already cover the learning side of things with PyBites in general!

Join Us!

If you’ve been thinking of doing the 100 Days of Code Challenge then why not start with us?

You can follow along by forking our repo. We’ll also be tweeting our updates daily.

If getting commit credit on your GitHub account matters then you can use our init script to create your own repo.

Either way, THANK YOU for being with us over the past 100 days! We love what we’ve accomplished so far and we look forward to the next 100 days as there’s always something new to learn.

Keep Calm and Code in Python (for 100 days)!

— Julian and Bob

PS: Notice the purple side bar? Just a simple Pelican theme hack ;) It's our way of celebrating special occasions!

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