100 Bulletproof Python Tips That Will Instantly Make You A Better Developer

Pythonista, how many Python tricks do you have up your sleeve?

Are you tired of reading through long tutorials where you've lost interest by the time you get to the actual code or meat of the subject?

Are you so overwhelmed by the richness of the Python language that you're finding it difficult to learn the many different branches?

Do you wonder how you can make your code more elegant, maintainable and Pythonic?

This was certainly us when we started our Python journeys!

One of Python's strengths is that while it's so deep and technical it's also a wonderful entry level programming language. This contrast though can be paralyzing for folks that want to go from doing things the “basic way” to doing things the Python way.

There is an answer however and we have a solution that will once and for all make things more accessible for you. Read on to hear more... or just buy the book! We don't mind either way!

Enter ...

PyBites Tips book

This book contains small, practical pieces of Python code that will boost your knowledge of the language.

We quickly realised that the sooner you start reading and applying code, the quicker you progress.

As a result we've distilled almost 4 years of PyBites into a rich collection of tips that are insightful, practical, fun and presented in such a way that you can get straight to coding with them.

You've probably seen some of these on social media in the last couple of years. They've helped thousands of developers worldwide improve their Python skills so we know they're good.

These tips have reminded developers of Pythonic ways of doing things and why Python is such a great language to code in.

Learn how to code Pythonically

What's inside?

Let's take a quick tour.

Firstly, you can consume the book in any order. Just pick out the topics you want to learn about or need the most at any given time.

We're always trying to battle the widespread tutorial paralysis we commonly see in the industry. That is NOT the experience we want you to have with us.

Construct dictionaries

Head over to page 14 and you will learn how to construct a dictionary from 2 iterables (one of our favorite idioms).

Powerful sorting options

On page 19 you will discover how to sort any sequence by a callable you define. Your sorting skills will never be the same again (when Julian dreams about Pythonic code, you bet beautiful sorting is part of it).

Sentiment analysis

On page 26 you will learn about an exciting module to do sentiment analysis on a bunch of tweets.

Yes, these tips go far beyond Python's standard library. You'll even learn some Django.

Builtins you want to know about

We are showing you a lot of built-ins that will make your life easier and your code more idiomatic.

Head over to page 30 to learn about two elegant one-liners thanks to any and all.

Getting help

On page 36 we show you some invaluable ways to inspect objects in Python, an unmissable skill for any Python developer.


Starting page 40 you will find two recipes to make an infinite iterator followed by how to get all combinations from a list.

What's up with __main__?

We also care about the newer Pythonistas.

If you've wondered what if __name__ == "__main__" is about, we've got you covered on page 57.

OOP techniques

A lot of folks we talk with see OOP as THE magic they need to know to become proficient at Python. And they are partly right.

We have several tips that cover this. On page 49 you'll see that everything is an object in Python (this haunts Bob's dreams at times, in a good way).

On pages 61 and 99 we talk about object representation and how it helps debugging.

OOP is really everywhere in the language and on page 66 you see a different dict constructor at work.

Or what about powerful Path (pathlib) methods which you'll see on page 69?

On page 83 you'll learn about the callable and getattr built-ins, and similarly on 98 you will learn about attrgetter from the operator module.

Finally, do a search on class and you will see quite a few of them.

We hope this covers enough OOP for starters ;)


We go beyond Python by showing you some powerful tools.

Head over to page 70 to use json.tool to validate JSON.

On page 71 we create a gif image using the imageio library.

Then on page 78 you'll learn about the cool howdoi tool to search for code snippets using the command line.

And on page 109 you will learn about django-extensions.

How __all__ can save you ...

We also think about people writing modules for other developers' consumption.

On page 88 you will learn about a technique to encapsulate your code so that even somebody doing an import * won't see all your stuff ...

Robust testing techniques

We are keen on writing test code so expect to find pytest / testing related tips as well:

Useful datetime methods

And speaking of datetimes, on page 53 we look at the calendar module which made it relatively easy to build our (Seinfeld) coding streak calendar on our platform.

You will learn about fuzzy parsing using the powerful dateutil library on page 96.

And you will learn about what day of the week, and what week of the year it is on pages 110 and 111.

We hope you'll agree by now that there is a lot to learn.

We're actually positively surprised we were able to fit this into just 118 pages!

And as our tips are so practical, we cannot wait to see you putting all of this into your own code.

Learn how to code Pythonically


This brings us to the exercising part.

Where relevant we have linked exercises you can take on our coding platform.

Remember: retention increases 3-5 fold when you put what you learn into practice.

We even recommend you teach what you learn here to benefit from a 10X retention rate.

The tips have matching exercises to put into practice what you've just learned

How our community experiences our tips

Our tips are widely acclaimed by the Python community as being revealing, helpful, insightful, Pythonic, practical (they can be implemented immediately in one’s code base), and fun.

Our tips are well received by our community

"This is truly a vital addition to every Python programmers toolkit: bang up to date with tips that work correctly on the latest versions of Python. Each tip has appropriate references to online documentation if ever further elaboration is needed. Get out the shredder, you're not going to be short of kitty litter for some time after you rid yourself of all those old dated Python 2.7 hints and tips books: PyBites Python Tips is the premier collection of tips for today's Python. Buy it now: buy it twice and do a friend a favour!" - Geoff R

"In terms of knowledge per dollar this is the best investment I've made in the past few years. This is honestly my favorite technical book. Do you ever go on one of those cooking websites for a recipe and have to scroll for what feels like an eternity to get to the ingredients and the 4 steps the recipe actually takes? This is the opposite of that. Each tip is one page: there's some code, an explanation and links to resources if you want to read more. It's not only all you need, it's all you want. I wish there were more books like this!" - Sergio S

"Joining the PyBites Platform and utilizing the code challenges in the PyBites Python Tips book has increased my Python skill set is relatively short time while constantly keeping me challenged. Tip #73 helped me with pulling in multiple files to analyze data, a great opportunity to automate a repetitive task I perform on a daily basis. It's very empowering to work through the code challenges and be able to put them into real world practice. Thank you Bob and Julian for bringing together this amazing community!" - Beth B

"They did it again. A new cool product! I enjoy everything PyBites does. Minimalistic approach and team work creates value! I read Bob's posts on Python tips and try to put in practice. When Bob and Julian announced their new book, I was so happy – no need to take screenshots as a madman! 😊 The best is that purchasing their book I could download the code and save it in my utils." - Alex K

"I have been reading your new Python Tips book for a little while now, just one tip per day along my #100DaysofCode journey. I really love the crisp, practical examples and the links to further reading. The book was indeed a steal. Looking forward to more tips!" - Andreas J

"The book is a great and handy reference covering a wide array of topics, from Python's standard library to 3rd party tools, such as howdoi, requests and imagio, just to name a few. The discussions are succinct yet thorough enough to give you a solid grasp of the particular problem. I just wish I would have had this book when I started learning Python." - Daniel H

"The PyBites book has me saying, "oh, I used this", "this is new". Great book, for me a Python newcomer and I'll be using it as a reference book!" - Israel L

"I've learned so much from the PyBites Python Tips book. The book is full of little tips with concise, clear explanations on syntax and situations in which the content of the tips can be used. I am keeping a notebook of the tips and have already found that I have used and internalized some tips, they've just become part of my train of thought now. Right away, starting at tips two and three, I learned things that I now use all the time. Get this book if you want access to tips to make your code shorter and more Pythonic!" - Jesse B

"The PyBites Python Tips book has been very helpful to me in my coding. Pythonistas of every skill level will find that a small investment of time, with this excellent book, will yield big dividends. Buy it now!” – Andrew J

"Need some great, helpful tips? Want quick examples how to use itertools? I've been getting the PyBites tips through twitter for a long time. Now 100 of them (more to come) are easily accessible in this extremely affordable e-book. Great collection! Thanks!" - Bart

Try it yourself, at our risk

We believe so strongly in this book and the gold within that we're willing to take the full risk.

If, after reading it, you find you've not learned at least 1 or 2 new things (within 30 days of purchase), we'll happily refund you the complete price of the book. No questions asked AND you get to keep the book.

Lock in future updates

But there's more!

You're actually going to get many more tips over the coming months!

Although the current collection of 100 tips is already profound and will surely help you up your game, by buying this product you will lock in any future updates, even as we increase the price.

For your investment of $4.99 USD today, you will actually end up owning at least 300 quality tips over the lifetime of the book. As we add more tips to the book though, we will be increasing the price so make sure you lock in your future updates at this introductory launch price.

Another code snippet from our book, yes Python is most common!