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PyBites Twitter Digest - Issue 38, 2018

Posted by PyBites on Sun 09 December 2018 in Digest • 2 min read

25 Tips for New Developers

Python Patterns Guide

We love seeing how much Hour of Code is helping kids get into CS!

What Every Computer Scientist Should Know About Floating-Point Arithmetic

Concurrency in Python - talk by Stefan Schwarzer

API Evolution the right way

5 Things you Didn't Know Python could do - talk by Nina Zakharenko

Cool! LambStatus - a Serverless Status Page system

Deprecate functions or methods with a decorator

Loguru - Simple Python logging!

Build a server less SMS raffle with Python and Twilio

Oh so very true!

New Deep Learning tutorial

Setup a Serverless URL Shortener with AWS

Regex Tip

>>> from pybites import Bob, Julian

Keep Calm and Code in Python!

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