It has been too long 😞 but we're excited to bring you today: 🐍 PyBites Twitter Digest - Issue 01, 2019 😎

Python Developers Survey 2018 results

Hey Pythonistas, have you already seen the Python Developers Survey 2018 results? #pythondevsurvey

— Python Software (@ThePSF) February 16, 2019

Cool: Jupyter for every high schooler (4 steps of inquiry-based learning)

Jupyter for every high schooler- Rob Newton (Trinity School): Find out about the 4 steps of inquiry-based learning.

— Python Software (@ThePSF) February 15, 2019

The Ultimate List of Data Science Podcasts by Real Python

🐍🎙 The ultimate list of data science podcasts! Over a dozen shows that discuss topics in big data, data analysis, s…

— Real Python (@realpython) February 14, 2019

Always interesting interviews on Talk Python

RT @TalkPython: Deeply interesting conversation with @pwang from Anaconda Inc on this episode of @talkpython, check it out!…

— Pybites (@pybites) February 16, 2019

We started to use carbon to share out our tips on Twitter

Given a list of friends how many pairs can be formed? #Python's itertools.combinations is your friend: 🐍 Check ou…

— Pybites (@pybites) February 15, 2019

We hit 171 Bite exercises on our platform (= 3 new ones / week streak since New Year!)

We just cracked Bite of Py 171. Make a terminal spinner animation - and now We Challenge You!…

— Pybites (@pybites) February 15, 2019

Virtual envs and more news on Python Bytes

RT @pythonbytes: Is this the end of Python virtual environments? We cover some pretty big news around python isolation this week on @python…

— Pybites (@pybites) February 15, 2019

Hope you had a happy Valentine's day!

Roses are red Violets are blue Python is awesome R is great too (the code will run both in…

— Daily Python Tip (@python_tip) February 14, 2019

And some more @python_tip goodness

perfplot: measure execution time of code snippets with different input parameters and plot the results. #Python…

— Daily Python Tip (@python_tip) February 11, 2019

Congrats to Ant and others that had their talks accepted. If rejected: never give up!

RT @anthonypjshaw: Yey!!! Jumping up and down in my room. First ever #PyCon talk accepted! Now I only have a few months to find a fox onesi…

— Real Python (@realpython) February 17, 2019

Confused by super() in Python?

🐍📰 Supercharge Your Classes With Python super() In this step-by-step tutorial, you will learn how to leverage sing…

— Real Python (@realpython) February 16, 2019

The state of Python Packaging

An awesome series of articles by Bernat @gjbernat about Python packaging: Very useful for P…

— Dmitry Figol (@dmfigol) February 16, 2019

Anybody tried out 3.8's new Walrus Operator?

Trying Out the `:=` "Walrus Operator" in Python 3.8

— PyCoder’s Weekly (@pycoders) February 16, 2019

Python 2->3 migration of Dropbox's desktop client

Incrementally Migrating Over One Million Lines of Code From Python 2 to Python 3

— PyCoder’s Weekly (@pycoders) February 16, 2019

Interesting question on Twitter by Diane Chen:

Do you follow any convention for the order of methods in class definitions?

Hey #python peeps! Do you follow any convention for the order of methods in class definitions? Dunder methods all…

— Diane Chen (@PurpleDiane88) February 10, 2019

Teachingpython podcast: using turtle (stdlib!) to teach Python

Episode 10: Teaching with Python Turtle is now live! With Kelly in the Florida Keys for a field trip, we wanted to…

— Teachingpython (@teachingpython) February 07, 2019

VIM and Python – A Match Made in Heaven

Still referring back to this article to configure proper PEP 8 indentation in Vim

🐍💻 VIM and Python – A Match Made in Heaven This article details how to set up a powerful VIM environment for Pyth…

— Real Python (@realpython) February 16, 2019

Nice Hacktoberfest t-shirt Bryan :)

RT @brnkimani: Just received my parcel for #hactoberfest. My 5+ repos were all #python based. @github @twilio @digitalocean @pybites https:…

— Pybites (@pybites) February 14, 2019

Test & Code 64: Practicing Programming!

You are a knowledge worker. Your tool is your brain.

(sponsored by PyBites)

RT @brianokken: Test & Code 64: Practicing Programming You are a knowledge worker. Your tool is your brain. Keep it sharp.…

— Test & Code (@testandcode) February 07, 2019

And finally a good reminder:

Take regular breaks, people!

— Real Python (@realpython) February 17, 2019

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