PyBites Twitter Digest - Issue 04, 2019

PyBites, Sun 07 April 2019, Digest

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Latest Test and Code Episode is out! Go Nina!

RT @brianokken: Test & Code 71: Ultimate Guide To Memorable Tech Talks w/ @nnja Nina gives some great advice about…

— (@testdrivenio) April 05, 2019

March Python VS Code Extension is out

RT @pythonvscode: The March release of the #Python extension for @code is out! It includes Live Share support in the Python Interactive Win…

— Visual Studio Code (@code) March 27, 2019

Build a Django portfolio app

RT @realpython: 🐍📰. Get Started With Django Part 1: Build a Portfolio App In this step-by-step tutorial, you'll learn the basics of creati…

— Teachingpython (@teachingpython) April 04, 2019

Attend sprints at US PyCon this year!

RT @treyhunner: Last year I wrote a blog post for first-time @pycon attendees, but I didn't mention the sprints at all in it, even though I…

— Python Morsels (@PythonMorsels) April 03, 2019

Python Out Loud episode 2!

This isn't some late-breaking April Fool's trick. It's #Python Out Loud's long-awaited Episode 2: python_powered (t…

— Python Out Loud! (@PythonOutLoud) April 03, 2019

PyCon Africa is a thing! Yes!

RT @pyconafrica: We are excited to officially announce #PyCon Africa, the first pan-African gathering of the #Python community! The confere…

— Naomi Ceder (@NaomiCeder) April 05, 2019

Adrian Rosebrock is launching a kickstarter on Raspberry Pi and Computer Vision

I just published the (tentative) Table of Contents to my upcoming @Raspberry_Pi for #ComputerVision book. Find it h…

— Adrian Rosebrock (@PyImageSearch) April 05, 2019



— Harrison Kinsley🐍 (@Sentdex) March 11, 2019

Nina's going to be a keynote speaker at US PyCon 2019!

RT @pycon: #pycon2019's keynote lineup welcomes @nnja! We are excited for Nina to share the joys of using Python on embedded devices and h…

— Ewa Jodlowska (@ewa_jodlowska) April 03, 2019

Running a Flask Application as a Service with systemd

A long requested topic finally landed on my blog: Running a Flask Application as a Service with Systemd. Enjoy!

— Miguel Grinberg (@miguelgrinberg) March 18, 2019

Python Resources for learning Data Science

"Learning Data Science: Our Favorite Python Resources" by @SeattleDataGuy #machinelearning #python

— Hacker Noon (@hackernoon) April 07, 2019

"One of the best programming skills you can have is knowing when to walk away for awhile." - Oscar Godson

— Programming Wisdom (@CodeWisdom) April 04, 2019

Python on calculators!

Python is shipping on the new TI-83 Premium CE calculators in France

— Python LibHunt (@PythonLibHunt) April 01, 2019

Nice vim tip

vim tip: set relativenumber # Sets relative line numbers so that you can easily see how many lines away a line is f…

— Command Line Magic (@climagic) April 05, 2019

The line if __name__ == "__main__ " is one of those things you often see in Python scripts. What is it and how to…

— Daily Python Tip (@python_tip) April 04, 2019

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